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Sun Oct 25, 2015, 12:01 PM
I thought it might be a good idea to upload this, just in case anyone wanna fave it lol xD
I figured out some Fake Team Fortress 2 Achievements for Hikari, the Assistance Fox aka my AlterEgo.
Ideas and Icons made by me, Pharaonenfuchs. Not free to use, but I hope you enjoy them!
Please don't trace, copy, steal or whatever them.

You can make suggestions for the "Suggested Achievement unlocked" section, I might draw the one or another if I have some spare time :3

Hikarichievements by Pharaonenfuchs

Row 01, Left to right

- "Four legs are faster than two!"
Receive a Medkit from Hikari with less than 10% HP

- "Nom!"
Hikari killed 500 enemy player.

- "Tasty hoomanz!"
Hikari killed 1000 enemy player.

-"My Hero"
Don't let your Assistance  Fox die!

Row 02, left to right

- "Fetch!!"
Bonk an enemy Assistance Fox.
(Scout achievement)

-"I am the Überfuchs!"
Let Hikari kill 3 enemy player while using an uber on her.

- "The assistance of the assistance"
Hikari always cares for her Herrchen.

- "I want to play!"
Do some taunts with Hikari.

Row 03, left to right

-"Come here foxy, foxy!"
You fooled the Assistance Fox of an enemy Medic.
(Spy achievement)

- "You're not my master!"
Hikari did not fall for your attempt fooling her.
(Spy achievement

- "Humans are weird.."
You changed Hikari's task a little too fast in a row.

- "The Protector"
Hikari saved you from a spy backstab.
(All class achievement)

Row 04, left to right

- "No.1 Assistance"
Hikari earned 500.000 healing points.

- "Sharp teeth"
Let your Assistance  Fox kill 50 enemies in one round.

- "Bone Statue"
Hikari killed 2000 enemy player.

- "Got ya!"
Hit Hikari...if you can.
(Sniper achievement)
Suggested by Foxwithartisticwings

Row 5, left to right

- "Friends share everything"
Give Hikari a snack.
(Heavy achievement)
Suggested by 11833andre

- "I did  the last bite"
Your Assistance Fox killed a Heavy
Suggested by 11833andre

More Journal Entries

Welcome to the hospital!

Hello and welcome to:
"[MtAF] - Meet the Assistance Fox"

So you might wonder "wtf is this?" Let me explain: It's my Character being the companion pet of the Medic from the Game Team Fortress 2 by Valve. My dream is to make it at least a Mod for the game, that would be awesome, and I'd appriciate any help and support I can get, since I have no idea about modding and stuffs lol But I am working on a 3D Model already (I am a beginner though hah) So if you like the idea or/and would like to help, feel free to join, to check out the Reference Sheets with lots of informations about it, or just spread the word to people who might be interested in it <3

Thanks for reading!
- Pharaonenfuchs


Medic Companion Pet by Pharaonenfuchs Medic Companion Pet :iconpharaonenfuchs:Pharaonenfuchs 149 88 Meet the Assistance Fox (TF2 Game Sheet) by Pharaonenfuchs Meet the Assistance Fox (TF2 Game Sheet) :iconpharaonenfuchs:Pharaonenfuchs 90 101


Medic Companion Pet by Pharaonenfuchs
Meet the Assistance Fox (TF2 Game Sheet) by Pharaonenfuchs
TF2 Favs
TEAM FORTRESS 2 : B.L.U by haruningster
Team Fortress 2 Blu Wallpaper by pr1CE
Did you need the med-kit by Shyna2








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Foxwithartisticwings Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
i really hope that u will be able to get hikari in the game or at least make a mod u are awesome:D (Big Grin) 
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KuscoChan Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Here I am to keep stalking :D! xD

I hope your dream comes true! A real Hikari ingame O3O
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Starmischief Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeaaaaah assistance fox~ :la:  I still love the idea <3
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